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Silver City Church Building Use - Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in using our building. In order that all groups using the building know what is expected of them we must commit all prospective users to the following conditions of use:

Use of Premises

1  You must ensure that during your session of use that nothing shall be done to injure the reputation of the premises or Silver City Church or offend against any statute or any of the regulations of any local or public authority in any way.

2  It is the sole discretion of Silver City Church to determine whether an event/activity aligns with its aims, values and beliefs. We reserve the right to refuse an application which would compromise these. Silver City Church beliefs can be found on our website.

3  You must make sure that no undesirable person is permitted to enter the premises or otherwise make use of the same, and that nobody makes unreasonable use of the premises or its facilities.

4  If the proposed event involves children or young people then you are solely responsible for ensuring that appropriate safeguarding measures are in place for your event. For information, Silver City Church’s safeguarding policy can be accessed on our website.

5  It is your responsibility to complete and produce your own risk assessment prior to the event.

6  Your use of the premises must not create excessive noise or any other nuisance to the neighbouring residents or other persons.

7  You must arrange any necessary licences relating to your intended use of the premises and accept all relevant statutory responsibilities for the event.

8  You must make sure that nobody smokes in any part of the premises nor consumes nor brings onto the premises alcohol in any form whatsoever and you must not allow betting or gambling in any form.

9  You must not use decorations of any sort at the premises without our agreement. Any such decorations must be completely removed from the premises at the end of each period of use.

10  You must not use any of our audio/visual equipment in the premises without prior consent. You can only bring your own equipment, such as amplifiers, lights, etc into the premises with prior agreement.

11  You must leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition after each session of use and make sure that any washing up is done, surfaces are wiped clean and, if necessary, the floors are swept or vacuumed. If you cannot fit all your rubbish into the nearby bins (located outside the side entrance), you must take it away with you.

12  Silver City Church does not have a caretaker and therefore when you leave the premises, you must make sure it is secure (doors locked and alarm set), all lights are switched off and heaters reset as you found them. Any windows that have been opened must be closed before leaving the premises. It is essential that you keep the premises secure during the session of use and secure the premises at the end of each session of use. Any damage, malfunction or health and safety concern noted during your use must be reported to us immediately, whether caused during your booking or otherwise. This can be done by emailing

13  You must ensure familiarity with fire safety equipment, fire procedures and emergency escape routes and you are responsible for making any person attending the premises aware of these.

14  First aid kits are located in the kitchen area, front creche room and in the upper room.To ensure that these are kept stocked, please notify if you use any items during your booking. Please also notify if there have been any first aid incidents during you booking.

15  Parking spaces can not be guaranteed for your booking. If your booking is held between the hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday then you must not park in the 4 middle spaces in our car park as these are rented externally. Building users should be vigilant to ensure that no-one parks a vehicle in such a way that blocks the fire exit from opening.

Indemnity and Insurance

1  You are not covered under the church insurance policy and therefore it is your responsibility to decide if you are required to take out your own public liability insurance cover in your own name, together with any other cover you require.

2  You must not do anything in, or upon, the premises which shall invalidate the insurance policy effected by Silver City Church on the building of which the premises form part.

3  We will not be responsible for the loss or theft of or damage to property belonging to you or any person attending the premises.

4  You must indemnify and keep us indemnified from and against all claims, costs, damages, expenses, actions or demands whatsoever arising out of or in any way connected with your use of the premises.

5  We will hold you responsible for the costs of any necessary repairs to the premises/replacement of furniture and/or equipment arising from your use, including any consequential losses should the premises be damaged or unusable as a result.

Termination of Use

1  You must only use the premises for the purpose(s) we have agreed to, and we reserve the right, if we believe your use is improper, unseemly or undesirable, of immediately terminating your booking without payment of any compensation or refund of any payments made by you to us.

2  We reserve the right to cancel or amend a booking should the need arise. In these circumstances we will endeavour to give as much advance notice as possible.

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